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Hannah & Adam
We are two talented photographers, Hannah & Adam, working in the Event Photography industry, we come with experience in understanding what our clients want, whether it be Wedding photos, Bar/Bat Mitzvah photos or simply a birthday party!

Before taking photos we like to find out what style our clients are looking for, we are not just photographers we are storytellers and we ensure that our photographs tell a story for everyone to appreciate but in particular for our clients to be left with photographs they can cherish.

We feel it is important in terms of Wedding photography for the couple to choose a space that is special to them. Our approach is to ensure that our clients feel relaxed in front of the camera as we know this can be a daunting experience for some.

We hope you can appreciate the beauty and love put into our photographs and can relate to what we do.
My love for photography started when I was just a child, with my film camera always by my side. I then went on to study photography at college in England before opening up H&A with my talented partner Adam!
My love for photography started on my trip to New Zealand after the army. When I returned to Israel, I studied photography at Galitz, however, gaining most of my knowledge through trial and error and mainly through experience. Hannah and I decided we must do something with our talent together over 8 years ago, going on to open up H&A Photography!
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